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Bongsan Mask

Korean Bongsan Mask Dance.. All mask plays distributed in Hwanghae-do are called talchum. Looking at its distribution, Hwangju is centered on Sariwon and Bongsan, and Anak, Jaeryeong, Sincheon, Jangyeon, and Songhwa are in the west.・Eunyul and other plains to the southeast, Kirin, Sinwon, Seoheung, Pyeongsan, Sinmak, etc., and coastal areas such as Haeju and Gangnyeong・It…

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Tong Tong animation tv sieres. This animation is made for children and is about 20 minutes long. Concept design and background modeling are still in progress. A demo video will be out soon. I think the wild boar’s friendliness and power full of power will be loved by children for its slightly less intelligent behavior.

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